Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What Is Google Penguin update?

The second major Google algorithm that took all webmasters on a roller coaster ride was the penguin update that dealt with link quality. Websites that purchased links or having acquired the same that is of low-quality via low-quality directories, blog spam, or link badges and info graphics will find their sites no longer ranking for search terms.
You don’t have to be concerned about Penguin affecting your website unless and until you have done some vague link building. You definitely have to be concerned, if you have been engaged in such activities in the past or have used such tactics to get unnatural links. Guest blogging is a good example of this, few years ago it was fine, but now, it is not acceptable, and moreover, it is not a great way of building links. Similarly, requesting the site visitors or members to post badges that allied to your website was accepted up to that time, however now it is not acknowledged and definitely results in Penguin or a link manual action.

Algorithmic Penguin and Link Manual Actions- Google’s penguin update is definitely algorithmic in nature and there are no chances for it to be raised by Google manually, despite the consequences of the reason why those links might be spotting to a website.

Perplexing the subject to some extent is that there is a detached manual action for low-quality links and that one can be lifted by Google on one occasion the links have been sorted and cleaned up. This action can be executed with a reassessment appeal in Google Search Console. With that being said, websites can be impacted by both a linking manual action and Penguin at the same time.

This update what is named as penguin will only deal with a site’s incoming links. The links pointing to the site in question is what considered by Google and it doesn’t have anything to do with the outgoing links from that site. Meanwhile, you should also know that it is imperative to make a note of one thing that there is also a manual action related directly to a site’s outgoing links, consequently, the pages and sites you link could end up in a manual action while also de-indexing the site until those links are cleaned up.

If you feel that your site is negatively impacted by penguin, then it is important for you to do a link audit and do away with or disavow such spammy and low-quality links.

Google Search Console takes into account a list of back links for site owners, but be alert that it also includes links that are already “nofollowed”. Your site will have any impact, if the link is nofollowed; however, you need to commit to memory that the site could remove that nofollow in the future without a word of warning. When you are checking your site for other things related to this particular update, you should also ensure some of the other details which will be discussed in the next article.


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