Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What is Google Panda update?

Panda is one of Google’s major algorithmic update that took a toll on all webmasters. It affected the search results in a significant way and made the biggest impact on search which is known to everyone. Taking into consideration a website’s content quality, the main intention of this update is to eradicate sites with duplicate and low-quality content from ranking in the search results.

Google’s panda update has created a lot of havoc and controversies to webmasters who followed the short-cut method of bringing traffic to their website. As a result, sites having low-quality and duplicate contents were blown away. A lot of article submission sites were affected because of this update namely Ezine, suite101, wisegeek, buzzle, hubpages and many more. If you give a damn, then you are thrown away- remember.

How to defend from panda?

The answer to this question is very simple. The main target of Panda algorithm is to eliminate websites that contain low-quality and duplicate contents from ranking in the search engines.  That being said, in order to prevent Google Panda from negatively impacting your site, create contents that are useful to the user and avoid filling junk stuffs; it is as simple as that. By this means you can stay away from getting affected by this update, and can direct your user the right way and produce more organic traffic.

Determining quality

Seeing that, it is all about quality of the content. You need to ensure that your core focus is only on the same. Having said that, if you are besieged to make out such type of content, you can look in search analytics or your site’s analytics program focusing the individual pages!

If a particular page is ranking in Google and receiving enough traffic means then it is so obvious that the search engine is viewing it as quality enough to show high enough in the search results that people are landing there from those Google’s search results. On the other hand, if a page lacks traffic, don’t come to a conclusion that the content is bad, look out for other factors, but you can give a closer look at the content and consider adding a paragraph or two and can make it even more presentable and readable.

How to withstand panda?

Any step taken to remove low-quality content is said to help you deal with this algorithm, however, we have managed list out some of the other handy things that will help you withstand from such a major update like panda.

·       Clean your whole website

·       Remove all scraped content and play down duplicate template content

·       Be careful with affiliate links, ads, and too many outbound links with keywords

·       No multiple pages with the same keyword and no pages should contact one or two paragraphs of text 

·       Fix all duplicate anchor text and links from article directories/low quality sites

·       Get rid of auto generated content and roundup/comparison type of pages

·       Work out on the poor internal linking structure

When you are making an effort to work out on these aforesaid things, you can withstand by and large.

Malicious duplicate content can undoubtedly impinge on your SEO. However, from a Panda point of view, if your core focus is on getting your site ranking well again in Google after a Panda hit, leave it until the end. Google is generally pretty good with reference to sorting it out, and if not, it's something that can be fixed with either some redirects or canonicals. 


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