Saturday, May 6, 2017

What is Google RankBrain?

Panda- Google’s search results ranking algorithm targeted at hunting down low-quality content sites and exterminated the rankings of such websites. Penguin, the next algorithm which eradicated websites with unnatural link profiles and terminated the same from the search results!

Both panda and penguin, having succeeded in their overall mission, now Google is all set with the third one, so be ready for the mission. 

Artificial intelligence program- Rank brain

For quite some time now, “an outsized fraction” of the masses of queries a second that folk’s type into the company’s search engine has been construed by an artificial intelligence system, tagged as RankBrain.”

In a nutshell…The rank brain is an artificial intelligence program by Google. Initiated to monitor the search results in a better means, while, directing the growth of Google’s core search algorithm, this is the third most imperative factor in the ranking algorithm with links and content.

So let’s see in detail what Rank Brain is and how does it function and what kind of impact it has on SEO factors.  

The Rank brain is a machine learning technology which is a part of Google’s overall search algorithm. This computer program helps by sorting through the billions and millions of pages it knows about and finds out the ones that are most appropriate and relevant for any particular queries, thereby making the web an easier and better place to search. 

Embedded in machine learning, it will bring into play arithmetical processes and a progressive indulgence of linguistic semantics to gradually study more about exactly how and why people search and relate those inferences to future search results. Instead of being pre-programmed to answer back to some situations in an explicit, pre-determined way it can keep informed itself over time. 

On the whole, this artificial intelligence program by Google nicknamed as Rank Brain is capable of learning and identifying new patterns and then reviewing SERPS (search engine results page) based on its mathematical processes and an unconventional understanding of language semantics.

Importance of Rank Brain

This machine-learning artificial intelligence system is one of the “hundreds” of signals that go into an algorithm that regulates what outcomes appear on a Google search page and where they are ranked. As aforesaid, Rank Brain is the third most important element in determining the results that appear in your search queries.

SEO and Rank Brain

With RB’s instigation, to gain visibility on always shrinking organic search engine result pages, search engine optimizers should be ready to combat for a different war, which is against the machines. Are you wondering about the kind of impact that RB can have on SEO? Then you need to work it out accordingly, read on.

The first and most important step in developing an SEO campaign has always been about outlining your keywords, with this update, you need to have a clearer view of the user perception and start thinking beyond single or double keyword phrase optimization.

To be precise, the whole point to Rank Brain is to not be representing the exact words of the original text, word by word, but to take the inputs of a user into the Google search box and read between the lines what that enquirer really means. If you want to propitiate with RB, then you need to cover all aspects of the keyword.

Just like all other updates that Google has rolled out, even RB focuses on providing relevant and quality information for the end-user of Google.  So, as an SEO or a marketer of any kind, start focusing on what is best for the audience and make sure that all your goals are aligned with Google’s conditions, and you will see your website rank go up high.


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